Everyone has heard of a school psychologist, but how familiar are you with a school neuropsychologist? While these two professions fall under the same general field, the responsibilities involved with these titles are notably different. Keep reading to learn more about what a school neuropsychologist does, and why one may be worth adding to your school to help your students thrive.

Defining Neuropsychology

The first thing you may be wondering is what a school neuropsychologist does, and how it differs from a standard psychologist. While a psychologist is more concerned with mental development and health, a school neuropsychologist is more focused on the brain—or, more specifically, the intricate relationship between how people act and how their brains influence their decisions. As such, a school neuropsychologist can help a wider breadth of students on a different, but equally important, scale.

If your school has any form of special education, for instance, a neuropsychologist can help you to figure out the best way to meet educational needs. A school neuropsychologist can also screen your other students to make sure they’re developing properly on a cognitive level. Should any students show signs of delays or disorders, the neuropsychologist can, again, help you to figure out the best way to help these students.

What to Look For in a School Neuropsychologist

Before you seek out a neuropsychologist for your school, it’s important to know what to look for—especially where credentials are concerned. Ideally, you’ll want a school neuropsychologist who has been licensed by the American Board of School Neuropsychology. This specific credential will prove that the neuropsychologist you’re considering has been thoroughly educated in the subject of neuropsychology, and will know what to look for in troubled students. This will make it easier for families to reach a diagnosis, and for the both of you to work together to give the student the help they need.

In addition to an American Board of School Neuropsychology diploma, a qualified school neuropsychologist should also possess further licensing on a national or state level.

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