What Is It?

A NVLD Neuropsychological evaluation or NPE is a type of testing method that involves the acquisition of data on a patient’s cognitive, linguistic, motor as well as behavioral and executive functioning. The test is administered by a trained neuropsychologist.

Why Does It Matter?

Data gathered through NPE can provide valuable information and insight into a patient’s condition, making it possible for doctors to make an accurate diagnosis. It also helps identify the location of any abnormalities in the central nervous system, says eMedicine. In many cases, the data also makes it easier for doctors to monitor the progress of a treatment method—is it working or not—or to check if there’s been any changes in the behavior of the disease or not.

What are Common Concerns of Patients?

Patients who undergo this test often have attention deficit disorder, problems that affect executive functioning, learning style versus disability and non-verbal learning disability or NVLD. Other concerns include Asperger’s disorder, cognitive problems that are secondary to psychiatric disorders and even dementia evaluation or diagnosis.

What is NVLD?

NVLD or non-verbal learning disability is a type of neurological disability that is typically obvious as a child grows. Kids with this condition often suffer from poor coordination. They tend to be clumsy or have difficulty with math. They struggle to follow instructions or deadlines as well and find it hard to make friends, handle new tasks or understand social interaction within groups. The condition is often thought to be caused by damage to the neuronal white matter in the right hemisphere of the brain.

Where to Get Help?

Before you undergo NVLD Neuropsychological evaluation, make sure you find a physician with a good and solid reputation near you. Consider the doctor’s experience, educational background and training. You might also want to go online to check for reviews and feedback regarding patient care quality in the facility provided by the doctor or staff. All these can help you find the best possible physician to perform this medical exam.

How To Find a Doctor?

It’s paramount that you find a physician you can trust as well. Start by asking for a referral from your family doctor. You could also reach out to family and friends. They could provide you with leads or get you in contact with the right doctor.

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