Learning Disabilities Testing Children NJ

Neuropsychologist Dr. Joshua Shifrin

practices in Livingston, New Jersey

Learning Disabilities Testing Children NJ

Neuropsychologist Dr. Joshua Shifrin
Practices in Livingston, New Jersey

What Are the Advantages of Learning Disability Testing in New Jersey?

If you’ve noticed that your child is finding school a challenge, or still has difficulty completing tasks which others of their age have mastered years ago, it could be the case that they are suffering from some form of learning disability. A learning disability need not be a reflection of intelligence (many children with a diagnosed learning disability are of average or even high intelligence), rather, it may relate to difficulty with one or more areas of learning.

A Learning Disability Evaluation Covers a Wide Range of Conditions

Learning disabilities need not be wide-ranging. Some, such as dyscalculia, are confined to one branch of learning (in this case, numbers and math work). Other disabilities permeate into a number of different areas – dyslexia, for example, can have physical symptoms (clumsiness, difficulties with fine motor movement or issues with organizing tasks) as well as more widely recognized symptoms relating to reading and writing difficulties. A learning disability assessment can differentiate between a variety of conditions, enabling targeted assistance to be sought that offers the best chance of success.

Learning Disability Evaluations throughout Northern NJ

Our skilled professionals are able to offer a range of assessments and diagnostic testing throughout the local area. If you’re based in or around Springfield, Livingston, Montclair or Caldwell, NJ, and we’re conveniently located to meet your assessment requirements. In addition, we also offer a number of therapeutic interventions that can make a considerable difference once a diagnosis has been obtained.

Turn to Us for Learning Disability Testing in New Jersey

If your child is struggling to keep up with their peers, a learning disability assessment can be a good starting point from which to plan suitable interventions and approaches to make life easier for them. To take the first step towards assessment, call us at (860) 966-0309 to schedule an appointment or find out more.


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