Autism and Aspergers Assessment Testing For Children

Neuropsychologist Dr. Joshua Shifrin

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Autism and Aspergers
Assessment Testing For Children

Neuropsychologist Dr. Joshua Shifrin
Practices in West Caldwell, New Jersey

Autism Evaluation for Patients in New Jersey

Because autism is a spectrum, the range and severity of symptoms that sufferers experience is quite varied. Children with severe autism may require around-the-clock care, be unable to speak and require assistance with almost every daily living activity. In contrast, children at the milder end of the spectrum may find that they are able to work around their symptoms to live relatively independently while achieving highly in education and social environments. Studies show that early intervention can improve the outcomes for autistic children, which is why we recommend prompt autism assessment.

Asperger’s Neuropsychological Testing

Although Asperger’s is now no longer used as a separate diagnosis to autism (people displaying Asperger’s symptoms are often referred to as having high functioning autism), Asperger’s neuropsychological assessment can be a good idea for children that appear “quirky” or that have difficulty in relating to their peers successfully. An Asperger’s neuropsychological evaluation can help parents to discover whether autism is at the root of their child’s difficulties, or whether it can be eliminated and other potential reasons considered.

Expert Autism Assessment across Northern, NJ

Our practice is able to offer autism testing that’s conveniently located for people living in and around the following areas:

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We offer a range of appointment times and can usually find a consultation period that fits with your schedule.

New Jersey Autism Evaluation Professional Available Now

Although seeking an autism diagnosis for your child can be a worrying situation, many parents find that a diagnosis can give them a sense of relief, as at last a cause for their child’s difficulties can be identified. If you would like to know more about the autism testing and diagnosis procedure, book an appointment or have any other queries, you can call us at  ‪860-966-0309‬.


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