For children living with learning disabilities, as well as their parents, knowing who to go to for help can be a challenge. At school, where children are supposed to get help with all learning needs, there are many resources that ultimately don’t offer your child the help they truly need. Guidance counselors, for example, or school nurses, don’t have the education in neuropsychology that is needed to aid children with learning disabilities. But how do you know that a school neuropsychologist is who you really need?

What a School Neuropsychologist Does

In order to understand why a school neuropsychologist is the right choice for your child, you’ll need to first understand what a neuropsychologist is. In this field, psychologists specialize in how the brain affects behavior. Anything relating to the way the physical brain can impact the way we behave all falls under this umbrella.

So a school neuropsychologist is someone who specializes in the way that the physical brain affects behavior within the school environment. They are primarily concerned with how a child is learning and developing when they have a learning disability. This means that they offer assessments and evaluations, and play a part in the rehabilitation and therapeutic techniques used to assist the child.

What a School Neuropsychologist Studies to Specialize in This Field

In order to become a school neuropsychologist specifically, a person usually starts out studying areas of psychology that relate to education, such as developmental psychology and cognitive psychology. They often go through an additional two years of supervised experience training after receiving their PhD in order to specialize in working with school children specifically.

What That Means for You

If you suspect that your child may have a learning disability, the first place to turn is the experts. Instead of struggling with school programs that don’t have the extensive training in the relation between the physical brain and behaviors, you can have your child assessed by a professional. They can tell you if your child does have a learning disability, and then begin helping your child develop the skills they need to learn.

It is this extensive experience and study into specialized fields that makes a school neuropsychologist someone that you and your family can trust. Learn more about school neuropsychology in New Jersey, Livingston, and New City, New York, from Dr. Joshua Shifrin at