Whether two or fifteen, your child is continuously working to master specific developmental skills and tasks. A child who has trouble learning the skills appropriate for their age can have academic problems, behavioral struggles, or difficulty interacting with family or peers. Even if you see your child has challenges, it is not always straightforward to determine what to do to help. That is where a pediatric neuropsychologist can assist you.

Pre-School Children

With children four to five, signs of trouble related to physical aggression or temper tantrums may point toward a difficulty managing frustration in appropriate ways. Children at this age may have a hard time verbalizing their issues, so they act it out through their behavior. Behavioral issues are the typical reason a parent would bring a child in for an evaluation at the ages of four or five. The psychologist can determine if attention difficulties, anxiety, or language delays may be causing the issue.

Elementary School Children

Children who are in the early years of elementary school will have expectations of learning basic math, reading, and writing. Some children may begin to struggle at this time. This can lead to the child acting out because of the frustration over the challenges they are facing. A pediatric neuropsychologist can help discover if the problem stems from ADHM or a specific learning disability.

Older children in elementary school are learning more advanced topics and completing more intensive assignments. This can cause trouble for children who struggle with complicated tasks or working independently. An assessment by a professional can determine if the child has attention challenges, learning disorder, or executive functioning problems.


Adolescents in year teenage years can have struggles of their own. Things like low self-esteem, anxiety about friendships or schoolwork, and strained relationships with parents are some of the most common battles. Moving into high school, there are even more demands and requirements to plan for the future. In this case, an evaluation can determine what is standing in the way of success and what can be done to make things easier.

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