Autism & Aspergers Evaluations East Orange, NJ

Dr. Joshua Shifrin is an accredited neuropsychologist located in East Orange, NJ. He can help you if your child requires a psychological evaluation for Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, or other learning disabilities. With the rise of Autism and Aspergers, it has become more important to test your child early if you feel they may be on the Autism spectrum. If you are looking for neuropsychological evaluation in East Orange, NJ, call ‪860-966-0309‬ today. Through testing that is tailored to the child, Dr. Shifrin can determine if a nonverbal learning disability exists.

A learning disability need not be a reflection of intelligence (many children with a diagnosed learning disability are of average or even high intelligence). Instead, it may relate to difficulty with one or more areas of learning. If you believe your child has difficulty mastering development skills, visit our online office in East Orange, NJ, and see how Dr. Shifrin can help you and your child through proven strategies and empirical programs.

Our services feature comprehensive programs such as ADD & ADHD testing, Autism & Asperger’s assessments, Learning Disability testing, and nonverbal Learning Disability testing in East Orange, NJ. Dr. Shifrin is an accredited psychologist in East Orange, NJ. Dr. Joshua Shifrin has the tools and experience to help guide you, and your child, through detailed ADD or ADHD testing.

Dr. Shifrin currently specializes in conducting pediatric/school neuropsychological evaluations. If you require neuropsychological assessments in East Orange, NJ, Dr. Shifrin is a licensed neuropsychological expert in East Orange, NJ. Call Dr. Shifrin today at ‪860-966-0309‬ to schedule an appointment for a neuropsychological assessment.